Our History

Workers baseball was formed in 1963 by a group of cricketers and has a long and successful history. The club has had over 500 players throughout its history. We have been blessed with good people throughout the years in administration, quality coaches of junior players an abundance of scorers, club members and of course the players as well.
We have developed a large number of junior and senior players who have been able to represent Far North Coast, QLD, Australia, National League and some in the professional ranks in the USA.

Humble beginnings

In the 1950s and the early 1960s there were only 3 baseball clubs playing in the Lismore competition, North’s, Marist Brothers and Easts.
Easts had two teams entered in A grade, East’s number one team and a second team, East Braves, which was made up of players left over. All games were played on recreation grounds 2 and 3 in Magellan Street.

At the end of the 1962 season, several members of the East Braves’ team decided it was time to form another club. The Lismore Workers Club was starting to gain popularity and its membership was increasing. At the instigation of Bob Savins, Glen Savins and Greg Maher, it was decided to meet with the Lismore Workers Club directors and see if the club would sponsor a baseball team and later a cricket team. The directors were in favour of the plan and gave their full support, and so the Lismore Workers Baseball Club was off and running.

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The planning committee

A planning committee was formed that consisted of Bob and Glen Savins, Greg Maher, Brian Kielly and Bill Skewes. The first meeting of the new club was held early in 1963. The initial committee was Bob Savins (President), Glen Savins (Secretary), Greg Maher (Treasurer) and Brian Kielly (Manager).
A few players from the existing clubs said they would join the venture and several former players were talked into making a “comeback”. Max Jensen, Kevin Clark, Geoff Simes and Barry Lomath were new recruits. Bill Skewes, Geoff Plater, Bob Pilling, Dick McLaren, John Castles and Terry Harmon came out of retirement.
Our uniforms were red with white piping and were made by Helen Savins, Audrey Maher and Eunice Skewes.

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First Few Seasons

Our start to the 1963 season was not very successful. We were thrashed weekly by margins resembling cricket scores. In those days there was no “10 run mercy rule” so we had to play out the full game, until bad light stopped the massacre. 
Late in the 1963 season, Bill McRae, Keith Goddard and Terry White joined the club and helped make us a bit more competitive. In 1964 the club was starting to bloom. We now had two senior teams and numerous kids wanting to play in our junior team. We were starting to win a few games and the embarrassing cricket score losses were less frequent.
At the end of the 1964 season, Adrian Meagher from Marist Brothers Baseball Club and Peter Nilon, a former Marist Brothers player, were asked if they would play and coach us for the 1965 season. The new club felt we needed a player-coach with a lot of drive and experience and the ability to lift the team from mediocrity to being very competitive. It was a great move. In 1965 we won the major premiership, thanks to the exceptional coaching of Adrian and the help of his assistant Peter. We followed up with another major premiership win in 1966.
The club has gone on from those early days to be one of the biggest and most competitive baseball clubs in the local competition.

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